❀ Kids Belly Dance ❀
Ages 7 to 12. 

Class Description.

Class will contain thorough warm ups, strengthening and conditioning isolation drills that will ready the body for dance. 
Our vocabulary derives from Folkloric Dances of the Middle East and North Africa, arranged in an improvisational group format where everyone learns to lead and follow .  All presented in age appropriate content. This format teaches patience, cooperation
, leadership and responsibility to other dancers.

Introduction to cymbals (zils), props, and drumming at intermediate and advanced

Try the first class on Tuesday,

January 7th at 6PM.

Learn more about our entire curriculum and performance opportunities such as at our local studio parties and here at Camelot Days.

Improvisational Belly Dance boosts self-esteem. Increases brain power. Fosters tolerance and builds community, forming life lasting like-minded friendships.


Children’s (5 to 14)
Packages are on a monthly basis.  
Due on first of the month.
Charges are prorated if starting after

the first week.

Children’s Beginner Package  $65.00
(One 50 min weekly class)