I teach traditional Tribal Style Bellydance in the styles of Jamila Salimpour and Carolena Nericcio.


The fundamental bellydance technique is based in the style of Suhaila Salimpour.


Jamila and Bal Anat -


Suhaila Salimpour -



I also teach American Tribal Style Bellydance (ATS)®

And respectuflly borrow from ITS and other dance styles.

What is ?

Lotus Tribal Arts derives from Lotus Dance Studio Inc.. Lotus Dance Studio opened as the first Tribal Style dance studio in South Florida in 2007.

The vision was and still is, to bring Tribal Style Bellydance to the forefront within the existing Bellydance community.  To represent all the Tribal Arts  in a possitive light, offering it to all women from all walks of life.

Lotus Dance studio closed its physical doors in June 2013. In those seven plus years we created, danced, shared and experienced a whole lot of dancing.


Lotus Tribal Arts are my student troupe and anyone that happens to dance publicly with me. We represesent all of the versions of Tribal Style Bellydance and  Traditional Bellydance within our very own flair.


As a performance act we are an ecstatic, eclectic group of musicians and dancers sharing old world entertainment. Stepping out of the box to bring you a time traveling experience.

As teachers, we teach old world bellydance and music, such as drums and string instruments.